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Axis Jet Expands Air Charter Fleet with King Air Based in Cheyenne, WY

Axis Jet is proud to announce the addition of a King Air C90GT to the company’s air charter fleet which will be based at Cheyenne Regional Airport (KCYS). This aircraft is ideally based to serve the Wyoming, Nebraska and Colorado regional markets.

The King Air C90GT is a pressurized, twin turboprop business aircraft. Designed for five to six passengers with four in a club style, passengers will appreciate the sense of size and sturdiness as they ascend the airstair. There is a lavatory in the rear of the cabin and baggage space is internal. This allows for easy access to the passengers’ items in flight. Internal cabin dimensions are 4.75ft in height, 4.5ft in width, and 12.6ft in length.

“We’re excited to be expanding our charter operations throughout the Western states,” said Axis Jet Dispatch Manager Anisa Vallejo. “The Cheyenne-based King Air is a great addition to our northern California-based charter fleet which consists of a Hawker 800XP, Premier I, Citation Mustang, two King Air 350s, two King Air 300s and a King Air C90,”.

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Axis Jet receives FAA approval to use iPads in cockpits

Axis Jet, a Sacramento-based aviation company, has received approval from the Federal Aviation Administration to utilize Apple’s tablet by the company’s flight crews as electronic chart and digital flight manual readers.

 “Traditional paper flight chart binders are large, heavy, unwieldy and difficult to update,” says Chief PilotScott Malandrone.  “The iPad allows us an advantage is terms of safety and efficiency in the cockpit with the most up-to-the-second critical flight information.”

 Axis Jet operates jets and turboprops for charter and management based in Sacramento, Napa andScottsdale, AZ and are the first aviation company in the area to receive FAA approval.  The company has always remained committed to state-of-the art technology, including online scheduling and quoting for clients through the companies website. 

“There is an eco-friendly component of this move as well.  Flight charts are large, heavy manuals that need to be updated monthly,” said Axis Jet co-owner Matt Bosco.  “Eliminating the paper charts means less weight, less fuel burn and less paper.  We’re excited to offer this environmentally-responsible and safety enhancement to our clients.”

 Axis Jet is an aircraft sales, management and charter company headquartered at the SacramentoJetCenterat Sacramento Executive Airport (KSAC) with aircraft based in California, Arizonaand Oregon.  Axis Jet is a division of Axis Aviation Group, Inc., privately-owned company founded in 2004 by award-winning aviation leaders Matt Bosco and Dan Kimmel.  Axis Jet is FAA-authorized to fly throughout the U.S., Canadaand Mexicoand ARG/US Gold approved. To contact Axis Jet, email, visit or call 916-391-5000.

King Air C90B joins Axis Jet Charter Fleet

Comfortable and capable.

Axis Jet is proud to announce the addition of a King Air C90B to the company’s FAA-Approved Part 135 Air Charter Certificate and fleet.

The Hawker Beechcraft King Air C90B is a turbine powered aircraft with sate-of-the-art safety features and ability to land at more airports than comparable light jets. N530CH is enhanced with a Blackhawk engine modification which allows greater aircraft performance. This 6 passenger aircraft offers a 1,000 mile range and cruises at 310 mph with ample storage for luggage.

“Axis Jet offers on-demand air charter service that helps executives fly to designations that are often difficult to reach using the airlines. We help people use time more efficiently,” says Charter Manager Anisa Vallejo. “With the addition of the King Air C90B, we can offer our clients greater flexibility for varying trip profiles.”

Get a quote on an upcoming trip.  Contact  See a virtual tour of the aircraft and let us know where you want to go.

Citation Latitude makes debut at NBAA

Citation Latitude interiorCessna Aircraft Company introduced the new Citation Latitude mid-size business jet at the 64th NBAA Annual Meeting and Convention. This is Cessna’s second new product announcement in the past month; the company launched the Citation M2 light business jet on Sept. 26.

With space for a crew of two plus up to eight passengers, the Citation Latitude features Garmin G5000 avionics and a clean-sheet, 84-inch fuselage for a 6-foot high, flat floor passenger cabin.

“The Citation Latitude is a game-changer for the mid-size segment, offering the payload, speed and range the market requires with an unmatched cabin experience at this price point,” said Brad Thress, senior vice president, Cessna Business Jets.

Positioned between the Citation XLS+ and Citation Sovereign in Cessna’s product line, the Citation Latitude offers a full fuel payload of 1,000 pounds (454 kilograms), a maximum cruise speed of 442 knots true airspeed (819 kilometers per hour) and a range of 2,000 nautical miles (3,704 kilometers). The aircraft is priced at $14.9 million in 2011 USD.

Preliminary specifications project the aircraft will operate at airports with runways as short as 3,900 feet (1,189 meters), will have a maximum altitude of 45,000 feet (13,716 meters) and will climb direct to 43,000 feet (13,106 meters) in 23 minutes. First flight of the Citation Latitude prototype is expected to be mid-year 2014, with FAA certification (Part 25) and entry into service expected in 2015.

“Our team used extensive market research to configure the Citation Latitude and the results are seen from nose to tail and from wingtip to wingtip on the Latitude’s swept wing,” Thress said. “Nowhere is the Latitude’s uniqueness more visible than inside the cabin.”

From just behind the cockpit through the rear lavatory, a flat floor provides stand-up access throughout the 16-plus foot cabin. The main passenger cabin — Cessna’s widest in history — is 77 inches wide (1.95 meters) with a height of 72 inches (1.83 meters). The standard seating arrangement accommodates passengers in a single-club with a forward, dual side-facing couch. Six pedestal seats track forward and aft 7 inches (.18 m) and laterally 4 inches (.10 m) on the seat base with 180 degree swiveling capability and infinite recline positions. Cabin-length indirect LED lighting is provided overhead in the passenger service units with variable adjustment for direct reading lights and more.

“The requirements for business travel have evolved to more than comfort and convenience; the use of innovative technology is key to providing a more efficient and productive aircraft cabin, which is critical to meeting expectations of a fully functioning work environment,” said Cindy Halsey, Cessna vice president, Interior Design, Engineering and Development. “Through our new ClairityTM cabin technology system, we have an intuitive user interface to offer customers a ‘smart’ airplane for the ultimate connectivity experience.”

Developed by Cessna in partnership with Dallas-based Heads Up Technologies, Clairity is an intelligent cabin technology solution that ties into the aircraft avionics systems and can integrate cabin electrical systems and data and communication sharing through a fiber optic backbone controlled through either an intuitive touch-screen user interface at each seat or the customer’s personal electronic device.

The Citation Latitude’s cockpit is anchored by the new, fully integrated Garmin G5000 system that centers on three 14-inch LCD primary and multifunction displays and four touch-screen control panels. It includes an integrated Flight Director/Autopilot and Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS). Among the standard features of the new system are a pilot-vehicle touch-screen interface, TCAS II with Change 7.1, Synthetic Vision Technology, electronic charts, Garmin’s SafeTaxi, a dual flight management system with WAAS LPV and RNP, solid-state weather radar with turbulence detection and vertical scan capability, integrated terrain awareness and warning system (TAWS), ADS-B Out and Link 2000+ data link. Options include satellite weather and an ICAO Type 1A flight data recorder.

Axis Jet can assist with the purchase of new aircraft — including positions for the Citation Latitutude.

Viva Las Vegas at NBAA 2011

NBAA 2011 Convention is Las Vegas

This year’s NBAA Convention is filled with excitement that only Las Vegas can offer.  The largest event serving the aviation industry begins Monday, October 10th and runs through Wednesday, October 12th.  This year’s event will feature exhibits at the Las Vegas Convention Center and a static display of aircraft on Henderson Executive Airport.

Axis Jet’s management team will be attending this year’s show and would be happy to serve as your tour guide in this large and often overwhelming venue.  OF course, transportation from Axis Jet charter is also available.

Contact us and let us know if you’d like to set up a time to meet.  To learn more about NBAA 2011, visit

NBAA 2011 Convention is Las Vegas

Charter flights to Lake Tahoe

With its gorgeous natural scenery, world-class ski resorts, casinos and more, Lake Tahoe is a premier destination for Northern California residents looking for a quick weekend getaway. Many in the San Francisco Bay area choose to drive to Tahoe, but the crush of people heading east toward the Sierra Nevada mountains on Interstate 80 frequently results in heavy traffic, especially on weekends. Bumper-to-bumper frustration can easily put a drain on your fun, and it also takes a huge chunk of time out of your trip.

That’s why we recommend chartering a flight to Tahoe. With Axis Jet, you can charter a private jet from most airports in the San Francisco Bay area and land at Truckee Tahoe Airport or Lake Tahoe Airport, just minutes from key attractions.

You don’t have to own a plane to get there! We charge an hourly rate and then take care of all the details. The rate you pay covers the cost of a two-pilot crew, in-flight refreshments, and all the fuel, maintenance, insurance and management costs associated with the flight. Our top recommended jets to Tahoe are the Raytheon Premier, which seats four passengers, and the King Air 350, which seats eight passengers.

Charter flight rates

King Air 350 (Seats eight, one-way)

Raytheon Premier (Seats four, one-way, pictured above)

Keep in mind that the above rates are for the entire flight. The King Air 350 from Gnoss to Truckee works out to just over $500 per passenger if there are eight passengers on the flight. Other options in our charter fleet include the Cessna Mustang, Cessna Caravan and King Air 300.

While chartering your own jet may cost more than flying on a commercial airline, the experience is unparalleled. The biggest reason to charter is convenience and flexibility. You can leave and return whenever you want, and you won’t have a layover or connecting flight anywhere else. Compare this to flying Southwest Airlines, for example: you will only have a handful of options for departure times, and you will almost certainly have to change planes in Las Vegas before making it to Tahoe. Another advantage to flying charter is privacy. It’s just you and your travel companions on the flight; you’re not sharing the plane with crying babies and dozens of other people you don’t know or trust.

Lake Tahoe attractions 

Tahoe is probably best known as a popular winter destination, due to its incredible ski and snowboard resorts. Chairlifts usually open around mid-November and close around mid-April. On the north shore of Lake Tahoe, there is Alpine Meadows, Homewood, Northstar and Squaw Valley (the site of the 1960 Winter Olympics). On the south shore, there is Heavenly, Kirkwood and Sierra at Tahoe.

But winter isn’t the only time to enjoy Lake Tahoe. Horseback riding is a popular summertime activity. Most stables are open from June to September and offer guided tours on trails throughout the Lake Tahoe mountain areas. Some of the favorite Tahoe horseback riding stables include Camp Richardson Corral, Cascade Stables, Northstar Stables and Squaw Valley Stables. Summer is also the best time of year to enjoy the deep blue waters of Lake Tahoe by boat, or relax and soak up the sun on the pristine shores of the lake.